I want to make this crazy easy for you! Any date can be reserved with a $1250 retainer fee. After you contact me to make sure your date is available, I'll send you a self-adjusting quote that you and your loved one/s can play with at your leisure in the privacy of your own home! It has all available options in a simple, checkbox-style format, and the math simply does itself with the total displayed at the bottom. If you are locked in, and your date is already reserved, you'll see the paid $1250 retainer fee as a "discount". Your itemized balance is easy to understand and you are in control as you have fun creating your own personalized collection!

When you are settled and your collection has everything you need, simply click "accept quote" and an invoice will be sent within a week. I typically create a payment plan to help break up the costs, so be sure to let me know your own personal preferences. Easy is best! Especially when there's so much to juggle!

Yes, please!