Just the naked files, please!

Some people prefer au naturel. Some couples must budget carefully. And some people, in this modern world, can do editing on their own high-end computers at home. I get it! We're here for you too!

Commando Images is a DIY collection option for couples looking to cut costs on the photo/video budget. UNEDITED ("naked") FILE DELIVERY

Here's how it works:

Choose your coverage for ONE ARTIST capturing either photo OR video

5 hours - $675

8 hours - $1000

10 hours - $1250

If you would like photo AND video service (or two photographers), double your investment. Simple as that.

The camera artist is with you for the duration of your coverage and will be shooting with a camera that has two sd card slots, duplicating your files for safekeeping. (We keep one, you keep one. That way, there is a backup from the moment we start shooting!)

At the conclusion of your coverage, you are given the SD card/cards with all that we shot or filmed. That's it! No wait time, no editing, no "when will my pictures be ready?"... just you and your files honeymooning with your beloved and pouring over your memories together! The perfect DIY approach for a select few!

Consultation required. SHORT NOTICE DATES ONLY. Prepayment is required but payment plans may be arranged.


  • you do not know what an SD card is
  • you do not know what .jpg vs RAW means, or what an MP4 is
  • if you intend to do your own editing but your computer can't read .ARW, .CR2, or .NEF files
  • if you don't understand what not understanding any of the above issues could do to your stress level
  • if you're anything like my mom (Haha! Sorry! Love you, mom!)

(And that's what the consultation is for!)

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