Nothing is more important than holding on to love. Day by day, time erodes excitement with dishes, bills, and maybe even diapers! But choosing to invest in professional art that expresses your love, your story, and your joy is the first step down a path of creating the kind of love that enriches and deepens with time. Of course the butterflies will fade. The chaotic excitement of wedding planning will draw to a close. But you can keep the best parts - those exchanges and moments that seem almost fantasy. A real-life fantasy that's yours.

The Romantic


Photography OR Videography from "details to party"! Coverage starts an hour before you get dressed, to an hour after open dancing. Photography includes print rights. All commissions (photo or video) come with download links and permission to share!

The Starlet


Photo AND Video! Still onsite for "details to party" (no need to count hours), The Starlet includes ALL the extras! A cinematic highlight video, 2nd photographer, fine art album, & engagement session, in addition to both photo and video on the wedding day!

The Heirloom


Everything included in the Starlet plus all day coverage, a statement sized fine art album, and a list of upgrade options (like love story film work, duplicate albums for parents, or behind the scenes moments)! Connect to see all the details.


How do you photograph weddings?

There are a few different styles of photography. There's a "take charge and direct" FORMAL method of photography, a PHOTOJOURNALIST "behind-the-scenes ninja" style, and anEDITORIAL "high fashion" photographer with huge parabolic umbrellas. I use all three. It's awkward to let you struggle alone with how to look romantic during your romance session, so I typically guide a little and adjust your poses - unless you're absolutely rocking it! And larger groups of people do require a confident voice to gather and position everyone, so I'm happy to use a formal style for your formal family portraits. I love light and have lots of lighitng options for that dramatic, editorial look, but I'm as sneaky as possible during the ceremony. You'll be co-creating with me, and we'll talk your vision through. I'm happy to adjust if your needs require more or less of anything. And I love making YOUR look happen!

Where are you based and do you travel?

Zac and I live in Kalamazoo, Michigan, halfway between Chicago and Detroit. And, yes, we travel often! Most of lower Michigan is "home base" for us, and we have teammates and colleagues to partner with for second shooting all across the nation! Travel fees for destinations over 200 miles from Kalamazoo and are simple all-inclusive brackets depending on where your event will be.

When will we get our photos?

Your will receive an online gallery link with all your photos typically within 8 weeks or so. You can download all the photos from the gallery, share them to social media sites, choose your favorites, and order printed art!

How many pictures will we receive?

Most galleries end up with between 625-750 fully edited images, with all-day upgrade events ending up around 1000 images! Connect to request access a full gallery to get a feel for what your final results would look like!

What if I only want a few hours?

You can absolutely choose a smaller time frame for either photo and/or video coverage. Ala Carte hours are $450 per (covering onsite time and post production). This hourly fee will provide two artists and you may choose to have them both capturing photos, both filming, or one on photo, one on video - however you'd like to divide your time. A three hour minimum is required for dates more than six weeks into the future. For one artist, the hourly rate is $350 (and will only cover photo OR a one-camera video setup).

Why $450 per hour?

Each hour I photograph or film requires (at least) 8 to 25 hours of behind-the-scenes labor to create your final product! I am a very careful, detail oriented artist. All your images are backed up twice on separate hard drives before I even start sorting. I save my projects at every step, and I am very dedicated to making every photo or film as perfect as it can possibly be. Dividing out the TOTAL time commitment (plus considering overhead, planning, and correspondence time) is what makes $450 the reciprocal hourly onsite fee.

Do you do other types of photography?

My first love is weddings. I adore them. They heal my soul and inspire me. But each wedding begins a new family. So often prior wedding connections will reach out for photographs of their new baby, extended family, parents anniversary party... etc.

All 2020 Non-Wedding Sessions (including boudoir and ala carte' engagement sessions) are $275 for the session only, with files and prints sold separately, and subject to availability.

Plan on a one hour time block, a gallery of soft-proofed images to choose from, and $30 for each image selected for final vanity editing perfection. Studio time and hair + makeup upgrade options are available.

Ready to Begin?