Hi, I am Angela Mohney.

I am the face and force of this creative team. My husband, Zac, is my favorite teammate. We've been photographing and filming weddings together since 2010. And it has been an amazing adventure!

If you opt for a photo + video collection, typically, I do photo and audio, and he does video and lighting, but both of us are comfortable with all sorts of media. Often, we have an assistant as well to make sure nothing gets missed.

When you and your intended are getting ready in separate places and we need an even bigger team to divide and conquer, we pull in our favorite colleagues - professionals in their own right - to work with us for the day. We have a large West Michigan network and very close friendships with a solid group of amazing artists that we work with on a regular basis.

Super Ninja

The little camera on a stick is called a Gimbal Camera. We use these to be fully mobile and get right where the action is. This small, light-weight Sony video rig is a 4k, fully stabilized, beauty of a machine, allowing us to get right onto the dance floor with you, or to follow the drama of an EPIC cake smashing battle. Trust me, we've seen it all!


We work together, we play together. We raise crazy kids and love one another. We met in 2004, and actually started our relationship together as band mates. He's a drummer, I'm a singer/songwriter. That was fun! We made a choice to settle down and start a family and set aside our rock star dreams, but we still love a great party. Only now you're the star!

Teamwork FTW

Taking my time as a recording artist into audio quality for our videos, my experience with fine art to capture light and shadow; and Zac's natural "in the moment" drummer energy, we have an awesome fusion of talents. We work together seamlessly on a wedding day. I see the details and he sees the story. And we both understand why this art is important.



“Guys! I wanted to let you know you made our day effortless. Thank you so very much!”

—Josh & Julie

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