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At its core, photography is about creating art from a moment. Each moment is unique. An isolated solitary image from one perspective is compelling and impactful.

A video, however, is about immersion. As a videography team, we can take eight full hours and distill those moments down into a compact bomb of emotion. By capturing sight, sound, and motion together, the other senses kick in and you can feel your wedding day all over again. The sun or the rain, the scent of your flowers, the wind in your hair, the pre-ceremony flutters, and the rush of your ceremony exit... all unlocked for you to re-experience again. It's immersion-style art, and we love it.

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Hi, I'm Angela

From Almost Fantasy

For over a decade, I have been honored to be a curator, editor, team leader, artist, and coordinator for the sweetest and most memorable of events - West Michigan Weddings!

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Practice posing, learn tips, tricks, and techniques while we get to know one another better. Engagement photos create beautiful images of your unique love. Perfectly tailored to tell your story.

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Your wedding photos will be treasured for a lifetime. Plan on a quiet  moment together to create some fabulous art. The  love, excitement, and joy of a wedding day deserves stunning images to look back on.

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Nothing captures emotion like videography. This remarkable media has lasting power to transport you back to the best day of your lives!

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All Day - $4950

Videographers onsite from your first mimosa to your fabulous send-off with no need to count hours! This collection will have artists with you all day, and produce your choice of:

* 3-5 minute highlight and a full ceremony production


* 8-12 min Feature Highlight with KISS files for the ceremony, speeches, and first dance. (A "KISS file" is an mp4 from the best camera angle with clean audio. No editing. No extra frills. Keep it Super Simple!).

Small Day - $3250

Your Video team is onsite from an hour before you get dressed to an hour into open dancing! No need to count hours! This collection will have artists with you for the BEST of your day, and produce:

* 3-5 minute highlight with all RAW FOOTAGE


* 3-5 min highlight with unedited mp4 files of the ceremony, speeches, and first dance.

Micro - $1875

Videographers onsite for just your ceremony and a little bit before and after. This collection will have artists onsite an hour before your ceremony starts and an hour after its conclusion. Delivering:

* a full ceremony production with an intro and outro montage of details, decor, and behind-the-scenes!


* 3-5 min highlight with KISS files for the ceremony, and RAW footage fo


Create your own collection by selecting options important to you! Commission rates for CYO film work are $250 per onsite hour with a three-hour minimum time block during peak season plus the cost of your selected film edit!


BUDGET OPTIONS_________________

  • No edits, just raw footage
  • $50
  • a USB of mp4 files with professional audio
  • $150



  • full ceremony; multiple camera angles and professional audio
  • 10-20 min MODERN
  • $725
  • 20-40 min TRADITIONAL
  • $950
  • 40-60 min liturgical
  • $1550
  • Ceremony Single Cam any length (filmed with one camera on a tripod and professional audio)
  • $150


HIGHLIGHT FILMS__________________

  • 3-5 minute highlight film
  • $700
  • 8-12 minute highlight film
  • $1250
  • 12-25 minute feature film
  • $1850
  • 25-45 minute film
  • $2450


LONG FILMS_______________________

  • cinematic documentary style
  • 45-60 minutes $3250
  • 60-85 minutes $4250
  • 85-120 minutes $5000

Fuzzy Little Love Books


Velvety soft, professionally printed photobooks. These come in six colors with your choice of several embossing options. The standard size is 10x10 with 30 pages, and additional pages are $10 per spread.

8 x 8 books are available at $300

Fine Art Albums


A 200+ year archival album giclee' printed on cotton matte fine art paper. Truly unique cover art options. $60 per spread beyond 30 pages.

8x8 - $1250
10x10 - $1550
12x12 - $1850
or 12x12 with 50 pages - $2600

Parent copies aavailable for $400 per

Archive Collections


$150 - Order your entire wedding commission
archived on USB, DVD, or Blu Ray!

$350 - Unedited RAW video footage on USB

$0 - Download/DIY archiving is free!

Fun Art & Fine Art


Art prices are bespoke and can be "affordable and fun" or "fabulous forever" depending on your goals.

We cover 16x20 to 30x40 inch sizes!

If you already have a preferred print lab you love and trust, choose DIY and control your own investment!

Bride and groom in a field with Queen Anne's Lace by Kalamazoo Wedding Photographer Almost Fantasy

Let's start your Journey

Almost Fantasy commissions include permission to download, print, and share your final artwork. Videos are produced in the style you prefer (highlight vs long play) and all wedding photos are professionally retouched - curated and edited - one at a time, by hand.

Wedding collections begin at $3800 for a small day of photo + video together and $6250 to cover all day.

$2500-$3800 for photography only, or just video.

We are also happy to offer a $1250 elopement option for micro weddings on short notice dates.

If this sounds like the approximate price-point you are hoping for, let us check your date!

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Creating Custom Options


Weddings are unique. Adjustments are common!
Add an album, or morning gift session, proposal video, or save-the-date cards with bespoke quotes tailored to your specific needs