March 17, 2021

2021 Wedding Planning - Are we through the pandemic yet?

It's going to feel so good to be free!

Here in Southwest Michigan, my outlook for the future is bright! All of my high-risk relatives have been vaccinated, my favorite assistant caught then cleared Covid-19 with no long-term adverse effects during the winter, my children are still homeschooling, and Zac and I remain in excellent health and intend to receive the vaccine when it's open to the public in April or May. That means, I suppose, that this is the light at the end of the tunnel for the strangest year and a half of my life.

It will feel good to ditch the masks. It will be amazing to attend concerts and parties again. It will be awesome to see a random stranger smile. And, with the return of all that, comes the return of friends, families, and weddings. Finally! I'm so ready for this!

For 2021 - our policy is to remain sensitive to our clients' personalized needs. We will be continuing to offer short notice hourly rates to cover elopements or smaller events. This three-hour coverage begins at $1350 ($450 per hour) and includes a team of two providing your preferences for photo/video coverage. We will continue to be flexible with payment plans (requiring only 30% to hold your date). And we will absolutely adhere to your own personal safety boundaries regarding masks, social distancing, and outdoor vs indoor rules. As we can expect the state to ease restrictions, rest assured, you can communicate your own level of comfort and we will happily follow your protocol. We are just so excited to be participating in wedding joy again! It's good to be back!

Tell us about you!

What will happen at your event? Will you be taking any pandemic precautions, or are you feeling like the worst is over? Are you planning "outdoor no matter what"? Any safety restrictions? What are you most looking forward to? Drop us a line!

Popular Collections Include

  • all-day Photo or Video - $3800
  • all-day Photo AND Video - $5800
  • small day Photo AND Video - $3500
  • small day Photo or Video - $2500