Fine Art Wedding Albums

November 13, 2019 Helpful Hints

I love everything about fine art. I have ten years of ordering samples from book binderies and print labs, seeing products on display at Bridal Shows, Photo Expos, conferences, and workshops, and I have settled on the Best of The Best to offer my clients! I'm an "all or nothing" sort of girl. I figure, if you're paying for it, you'll want the best. Otherwise, you can just DIY or print at home.

So fine art prints offered through my gallery site are 200-year archival pigments on real cotton fine art paper. They are gorgeous, detailed, and vibrant!

The albums are real Italian hand-crafted heirloom art, hand bound with top-grain leather, supple velvet, or fabulous Japanese silk. (We also have vegan options available). The pages are thick, pressed onto a rigid substrate with an impressive weight to them, but each spread still opens to lay flat on a viewing surface. Front covers are customizable with embossing, imprinting, laser etching, and embedded photos and I work with you to create a digital mock-up that you approve before the order is ever placed.

I love these albums and this is a once-in-a-lifetime purchase! I want to make sure you will love everything about it!

But if you can't swing the cost of fine art...

Don't stress! I get it! Weddings are expensive, and some people aren't "fine art" people anyway. So I also offer my favorite "fun art" options at a lower price point!

I love to make sure your home is full of pretty things, and will happily custom design either "Fun Art" or "Fine Art" offerings as affordably as possible. My favorite affordable items are the Fuzzy Little Love Books. They have thinner pages (just a tiny bit thinner than a dime), and are press printed rather than "giclee" but still make an excellent wedding keepsake for your home! No cover image is possible, but they offer a gold foil stamp with popular pre-created choices, and for a reasonable fee, we could co-design our own metal die stamp more personalized to you.

I'm always happy to meet up if you need to see and touch the sample albums or the fabric swatches. But here are some photos to get you started!

Also note... the Fuzzy Little Love Books are FUZZY. :) They are a simple flocked faux velvet and very fun to touch!