Leila Arboretum Spring Engagement Session - Battle Creek Michigan

May 11, 2022 Engagement Sessions

Is there anything more iconic than west Michigan cherry blossoms?

Seventy-two acres of gorgeous, manicured West Michigan land at one of the friendliest Arboretums around plus two happily engaged clients just WEEKS away from their wedding date equals fun, laughter, and magical keepsakes of loving moments in the prettiest of seasons!

We had total cloud cover for this session, which means (for the non photographers) FLAT LIGHT! What is flat light? It's daytime lighting without a single complication. No undereye shadows, no squinting into the sun, no tiny triangle of darkness under the nose. It means easy editing for me, the ability to shoot literally anywhere (rather than hunting for a spot without dappled lighting from lots of moving tree branches) and it means soft, delicate, gentle colors are possible because the highlights are never glowing white-hot. If your session falls on a cloudy day, it's true, there will be no real golden hour. But don't be sad! The flip side of that coin is that these pastel tones are never better than on a day with perfect flat light. Not to mention the lighthearted energy a refreshing spring breeze can offer!