May 25, 2020

Micro Wedding Event Team

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All-in-one outdoor event

During this summer - the summer of 2020 - Michigan shut down to only 15 people allowed to gather indoors. So we got creative! This is a look at a backyard micro wedding set with a team of wonderful vendors who can accommodate it all. Big or small - in 2020 you never know - but either way, we’ve got this!

What would it look like to have the most intimate wedding imaginable? Where it was you and your beloved, and the feelings, the art, and the memories created were the primary focus of the day. What if the joy, and making it legal were all that really mattered? Let me tell you, for starters, your wedding video would ROCK, and your photographs would be timeless and enviable art!

Published in Wedding day Magazine!

Photography by Munro Photos

This fun micro event was also published in Wedding Day Magazine!

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