Open-Air Pavilion "Legend of Zelda" Cos-Play Themed Micro-Wedding in Caledonia, Michigan - Karis and Ryan

October 28, 2020 Weddings, Micro Weddings

Perfection is in the Details

Weddings with a theme are amazing! It makes it fun, and guarantees that your day will be uniquely YOURS. The best part about love is that even though every human needs it, and each human can universally give it, there's a type or style of love that suits just you and you alone. And when your own individuality is enhanced and protected by the one who loves you best, you know you've found a home for your heart. This is love.

All the little details (I adore Legend of Zelda -who doesn't?!) are a tangible representation of the unique love Karis and Ryan have found. It makes me feel all warm and fuzzy to see the hand-wrought gamer-themed embellishments, and I'm so grateful to be witness to this love! I had Hailey with me again so that we could cover both photo and video. And, as you can see, she rocked the children's portraits as always!

Ceremony Video

This style of film is called "documentary coverage", or linear style coverage. It's a purely chronological video capture of the events, as they happened in real-time, beginning to end.

A short and sweet 2020 Legend of Zelda cosplay wedding ceremony in early October, Caledonia Michigan.