The trade-off

Under the Almost Fantasy luxury line, each image is attended to one at a time and artistically rendered to professional high-end perfection. This includes removing distractions, softening or brightening skin, creating a composite to use the best expression from each person in a group photo, enriching the color, and adjusting the perspective to compensate for lens warp or simple vanity. Lots of adjustments. Lots, lots, LOTS of time and careful adjustments. The careful hand-coloring process is luxury wedding photography costs so much.

Naked files have none of this. They are bare-bones SOOC ("Straight Out Of Camera").

Let me show you the difference!

To see what you loose out on, Flip through these before and after examples


If the differences between the before and after versions don't seem important enough to you, or you know you can do the same on your own, or you'd rather just pay for a few to be vanity edited later but have them ALL to look through immediately, then this style of commission might work for you!


Mp4 sounds familiar, right?

You will receive an SD card with unedited video holding between 35 and 200 short MP4 clips of video (depending on how long we were there). The audio won't be great (great audio deserves a separate, independent mic), so if you have a program with sync options like Adobe Premiere and can DIY your video, we recommend wearing an independent lapel mic to capture sound and sync the files later. For posterities' sake, most people consider the native audio "just fine". But I would absolutely recommend knowing the difference and why it might matter. (These details are why consultations are required for any "naked files" purchase.)

SD card files open on A COMPUTER one clip at a time like this:

When I edit,

which in your case I WON'T be doing, I take those clips through multiple programs that look sort of like this:

Keep in mind,

if the above programs are not something you can understand, you'll be stuck with ownership of 35-200 MP4 clips as in the first image. You can watch those as they are, or you could hire an editor later down the road. Hiring an editor later allows you to diversify your spending and save money during the year of your wedding. Watching the clips as they are, is an option that seems fine to a lot of people who are used to cell phone clips, or don't think the finished product is AS necessary as preserving the memories. During your consultation, you will have the opportunity to see a Google Drive of the clips to make sure you understand how to play them and what you will get.