Blue Heron Barn - September Wedding - Alyssa and Kameel!

March 1, 2022 Weddings, Wedding Video

Dusty lilac Rose and golden hour Romance

Blended with an EPIC party at the end of the night and Alyssa and Kameel now have incredible wedding memories! This event had such an eclectic gathering of the most carefree, heartfelt, and mischievous group of friends, and they won my loyalty in seconds! It's not often the revelers can make good trouble so fun! But this wedding event had it all! We even had a perfect golden hour sunset to create their romance images! Blue Heron Barn always gets the BEST sunset light, and there is no end of good spots to use! Check out the sweet little jewelry containers for their rings too! Isn't the turtle adorable?!

Ceremony video too!

If you are torn between the idea of a highlight film or a ceremony film for your wedding, this might help you choose. Ceremony films are THE WHOLE CEREMONY, start to finish, just as it was, with as few adjustments as possible. That means a sneeze, a baby crying, a nervous stutter, etc... all left in the film as the living history of your actual wedding day. A highlight gives me the freedom to cut and paste and remove distractions, and heighten the emotion by taking the very most poignant moments and distilling those down to a 3-5 minute film. Highlights are impactful and emotional. Ceremony videos are candid and real.

We love both!

It may be worth a mention, that a full ceremony film might be called a "doc edit", documentary-style film, linear production, long-play version, or any number of creative naming options that an artist might choose to describe their work. So, when comparing vendors, make sure to ask questions! It can get confusing!

This video is Alyssa and Kameel's Full Ceremony Film (documentary/long-play style).

A full ceremony wedding video at Blue Heron Barn in Kalamazoo - Documentary Film - long play video - extended edit