Blue Heron Barn Kalamazoo Michigan Late Summer Wedding with Downtown Photo Walk

October 2, 2020 Weddings

What's love without fun?

Some weddings are all party. Some are all family. Some have me holding back tears during the ceremony and the speeches, and others are just the perfect blend of all of that. Kelsey and Kris had fun-loving family (as well as friends) in their bridal party and an engaging, lively style of discourse that kept us all laughing while we wandered downtown Kalamazoo for the best spots to pose. The getting ready and first look was at Blue Heron, but our first photo walk spot was Tibb Brewing Company, a favorite date night spot at the onset of their relationship. Then, we commemorated the corner of Burdick and Lovell - the site of the very first "I love you", and wandered behind the Kalamazoo Community Foundation building (The old Railway Station) for those awesome ivy-covered brick walls.

During the ceremony and reception, I learned several new-to-me Korean wedding traditions. (Did you know the man has to drink all the wine, while the bride need only take a sip?) The wooden ducks are a symbol of love and fidelity, but also a clever relational tool. As ducks mate for life, they symbolize a permanent union, but upon going forward in marriage, each partner may keep their duck facing toward or away from the other in a silent acknowledgment of their mood towards their partner. I can't pretend that's not useful! The nuts and dates are fertility wishes and are tossed at the bride near the end of the reception. She catches some in her dress, and the resulting yield is meant to represent how many children the happy couple might have. (Girls are the dates, the nuts are for boys).

On my list of shout-outs for this wedding: again, the fabulous DJ Guy Voss, my favorite right-hand-girl Hailey, Zac Mohney covering video, and these most wonderful florals are by Patty Radcliffe of Sage Floral.

The Best of Both Worlds

In case you can't decide what kind of video edit you want, it's okay to order both! Kelsey and Kris opted for a standard one-song highlight film of the best moments of the day, and also a linear, documentary-style complete ceremony video to share with family unable to attend.

The very best moments from this fun August 2020 wedding at Blue Heron Barn and a photo walk in downtown Kalamazoo, MI.

A full ceremony wedding video at Blue Heron Barn in Kalamazoo, Michigan.