Blue Heron Barn - Mid May in Kalamazoo, Michigan - a gorgeous LGBTQ Wedding with Family and Friends

June 30, 2023 Weddings

Blue Heron BarN

One of my favorite summer venues! I'm so happy to post yet another fabulous wedding hosted here. This time, we have two lovely brides who became wives to one another on this sweet Saturday in mid-May!

Kirsten was dressed and ready on-site first, and had time for a few calming moments with mom before the ceremony began, while LeAnn had the larger suite and lots more helping hands. LeAnn's mom (in delicate baby blue) helped her arrange her veil just after her daughter pinned on her flowers.

The main event took place under a cloudy sky, but the rain held off all the way through portraits and during most of the reception too. My heart is so inspired by the emotion when these girls saw each other for the first time that day... How perfectly magical! And rather than a sand ceremony or unity candles, Kirsten and LeAnn had lovely crystals to present to one another and nestle down into a keepsake succulent bouquet. 

This romance session was easy and fun, with two happy newlyweds soaking up every moment!

The reception was full of fun with a Taco Bar for dinner! The girls were announced in, and after dinner, there was cake to cut and dances to enjoy.

You've heard that rain on a wedding day is good luck, right? I'm absolutely a believer since it rained on my own wedding day and I have fond memories of that whole vibe. If you're lucky (and it rains on your wedding day too), can I just say "go with it"! It's so much fun to create art in the rain! Look at the way the raindrops sparkly with the light from behind them under that glorious tree!