Fox Hill Event Center - Late Summer Wedding - Alexis and Ashley!

November 15, 2019 Weddings, Wedding Video

Two lovely Brides in northern Michigan!

This wedding was an absolute DREAM to photograph. I've spent most of my career thinking that there is nothing quite so beautiful as a bride on her wedding day. Well, I finally found something to top it... and that something is TWO brides!!! I know... why didn't I think of that sooner, right? Lol. It seems so obvious in hindsight.

Ashley and Alexis were married at the gorgeous Fox Hill Event Center in Cadillac, MI where it's just far enough North to feel immersed in nature. Romantic, natural garden settings are everywhere on this beautiful bit of property! And we were fortunate to have the mildest weather.

Check out this Pinterest-inspired first look and all the amazing pre-ceremony portraits below!

The ceremony was perfect, with a touching speech from a much-loved grandma, and the reception space had everything an intimate and fun after-party would need. Check out their sweet first dance where the golden back-lighting made such a pretty halo!

In the video below you can listen to one of their friends sing a specially re-worded version of "From the Ground Up" for their first dance as a married couple!