August 10, 2020

Tiscornia Beach 2020 St Joseph – Portraits in July Southwest Michigan


Working with Models for fun!

St Jo has some magical scenes. Silver Beach, vineyards, wineries… I always find something amazing there. Today, Hailey and I were shooting with a group of local photographers to network and keep our skills sharp since so many weddings have been covid-canceled! Creative outlets are a MUST for most of us. Hailey (a friend, wedding assistant, and second shooter since 2019) brought Andrew to model for us, and he was literally fire! Friends, I love a guy with a good amount of feminine energy. (Like, I married one I’m drawn to it so much). And if you get a man who can rock that softer, lighter side for the camera you automatically get this fierce blend of sweetness and sensual strength that seems so passionate and free! It’s fabulous. I highly recommend Andrew for any fun modeling projects! Connect with him more on Gmail: and Instagram to follow and show some love!